Aronia/chokeberry is proven to be the healthiest plant in the world. It is also called the food of the future because it has an extremely high healing power for the human body.

From our organically grown crop, we make and sell cold-pressed 100% Aronia juice and Aronia liqueur.

The antioxidant capacity of chokeberry and its juice is many times higher than, for example, blueberries and other berries are known as antioxidant nurseries.

In the middle of our field in the back of the property, there are 100 lavender bushes, creating a tranquil and inspiring walkway.

Fragrant experience is enhanced with the visual beauty of these unique plants. We encourage you to spend time connecting with nature in our field of organic lavender.

Stop, smell the lavender flower and immerse yourself in this charming experience. We also use lavender to refresh all our rooms and dining tables, bringing the fields even closer to you.

In our beautiful orchard, we have numerous fruit trees: plums, apricots, apples, pears, walnuts, and sweet and sour cherries.

We serve it seasonally fresh in our delicious buffet breakfast, but also make homemade jams and marmalades to have year around, as a perfect filling for gourmet French crapes and pancakes.

You can also taste juicy table grapes just as you step outside your room, where the old vine grapes create ideal shade.