Pannonia Terranova has been a host to a number of Student abroad programs, bringing students from international universities to our region.

We create programs with the University of Osijek to be related to their field of studies, make opportunities to interact with local students and organize community projects. We also make sure that students get to be introduced to the rich history of the region starting from Neolithic culture and archeological sites in the city of Vukovar, Roman findings in the city of Osijek as well as the Baroque Old Town, Art Nuevo architecture to Memorial sites of the recent Homeland war in Croatia in 1990s.

We also make sure they enjoy beauty and tranquility of our Nature parks and experience hedonistic pleasure of local gourmet food and vine.

The property itself is an amazing place for students of study abroad programs because it gives them a chance to experience the traditional living of Croatians in the past centuries with, of course, a taste of Modern-day luxury. On our property, there are hang out spaces that can be used for different group activities.

We have hosted students from George Washington University in Washington D.C. and East Virginia Medical School from Norfolk, Virginia, among others.