Pannonia Terranova is an amazing place for all sorts of parties and celebrations from birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, reunions, and much more….

It is perfect for everyone, from kids to adults. If you want to organize a party for children it is a great space for them to run around in nature, eat good food or have a sleepover with their friends.

Adults, on the other hand, will appreciate the indoor and outdoor seating area great for socializing and catching up. The beauty of not having to drive anywhere after the party but having comfortable sleeping within the same courtyard is priceless.

You can bring your own food, it can be organized for you with a catering company or you can choose to cook on your own in our kitchen and grill.

There are a few things crucial for successful team building, and we have them all. A place where the group can spend time together doing joint activities, a peaceful and private environment to get to know each other and became even more connected team members.

We offer a home-made gourmet buffet breakfast for a successful start of the day, and other meals can be arranged through local restaurants, or groups can use our kitchen and grill to cook as a team.

Pannonia Terranova has been a host to a number of Student abroad programs, bringing students from international universities to our region.
We create programs with the University of Osijek to be related to their field of studies, make opportunities to interact with local students and organize community projects.

We also make sure that students get to be introduced to the rich history of the region starting from Neolithic culture and archeological sites in the city of Vukovar, Roman findings in the city of Osijek as well as the Baroque Old Town, Art Nuevo architecture to Memorial sites of the recent Homeland War in Croatia in 1990s. We also make sure they enjoy the beauty and tranquility of our Nature parks and experience the hedonistic pleasure of local gourmet food and vine.

In collaboration with Croatian Art Therapy Association we offer art therapy workshops at our property. It is ideal for groups or individuals who are looking for peaceful and private environment to work on giving your mind, body and souls the attention and care they need, to see the bigger picture of life and achieve the peace.

Take control of your activities and accomplish a fulfilling satisfying, calm and rich life you deserve. The frantic schedule is controlling us, the stressful pace is leaving is helpless in an vicious circle that is called life.

But our being is waiting. And here is the way. Take this rejuvenating journey, experience beautiful Croatian inland, express through art and elements of nature, and hear the whispers of your true self.

See our new programs: here.

If you find yourself yearning to get creative, our property is a great place to come for art workshops. It is very private which allows artists to work in peace and feel comfortable.

Many people find inspiration in nature either by observing landscapes, textures, and colors or simply expressing emotions the nature provokes in them.

Here you can experience truly unique light and colors of our orchards, fields and sunsets that are difficult to describe in words. Artists simply must see them for themselves.

At our Art Eco Heritage House we are proud of our “ heritage” component, as we offer traditional textile workshops.

We bring local women to teach you a variety of textile techniques, Golden Embroidery being among the most famous ones.

The technique appeared in our region in the 19th century and was a sign of the prestige of some rural families and their daughters and sons. Other techniques include Hungarian cross-stitch embroidery, Battenberg lacework, crocheting, knitting and weaving on handlooms.

Our property is an amazing place to hold yoga retreats because it provides everything necessary for an activity like that: nature, peace, privacy and positive energy. Its a great place to self reflect and focus on clearing your mind and soul. Just sitting on our porch or walking through the orchard while breathing fresh air heals in every way possible. Fragrant fields of lavender create perfect location for outdoor yoga, as well as grass in the old orchard.

For indoor yoga we can arrange a large, light and airy gym with wood floors 2 minutes from the property.

Buffet breakfast of local organic food we serve can be adjusted to your group dietary needs and groups can choose to use our kitchen to also cook other meals by themselves.