At our Art Eco Heritage House we are proud of our “ heritage” component, as we offer traditional textile workshops.

We bring local women to teach you a variety of textile techniques, Golden Embroidery being among the most famous ones.

The technique appeared in our region in the 19th century and was a sign of the prestige of some rural families and their daughters and sons. Other techniques include Hungarian cross-stitch embroidery, Battenberg lacework, crocheting, knitting and weaving on handlooms.

We also possess a large collection of traditional textiles in all of the above techniques for visitors to see and learn from.

Also, all our rooms are carefully decorated with all those traditional textiles showcasing one technique at the time-integrated into unique interiors. In-room number one we display a variety of hand woven textiles in traditional Croatian red and white colors.

In-room number two we showcase Hungarian cross stich. In-room number three there is a collection with details of Battenberg lace, while in-room number four traditional crochet is displayed. In room number five there are pieces with traditional gold details, while in room number six quilted pieces are predominant. In unit seven there are jacquard woven pieces while in room eight there are textured textiles embellished with traditional ribbons and buttons.

Come to our Art Eco Heritage House and learn crafts of our grandmothers!