If you find yourself yearning to get creative, our property is a great place to come for art workshops. It is very private which allows artists to work in peace and feel comfortable. Many people find inspiration in nature either by observing landscapes, textures, and colors or simply expressing emotions the nature provokes in them. Here you can experience truly unique light and colors of our orchards, fields, and sunsets that are difficult to describe in words. Artists simply must see them for themselves.

If you are an art teacher, you can bring your group with you to work together in this retreat environment. If you are an artist looking for a shared outdoor studio space here is an opportunity to do that.

If you are an amateur or artist in training looking for instructions we offer classes and workshops in a variety of mediums (drawing, painting, and collaging) taught by locally- and nationally-known experts.

At our Art Eco Heritage House you’ll find inspiration and support in any workshop you participate in.